What is SemanticDocs?

SemanticDocs is an online collaboration tool from Alpha Cloud Labs that enables one to create, manage, store and share unstructured content across various platforms and devices

What does the name SemanticDocs mean?

Semantics (Derived from Greek s?mantik) is the study of meaning. Hence, to add more meaning to your content, the name SemanticDocs was used.

What are the benefits of using SemanticDocs?

SemanticDocs is a simple easy-to-use online tool which does not require any installation or download of software. All one requires to access one's Workspace is a web browser and a working Internet connection

Your SemanticDocs account

I have not received my confirmation email yet. What do I do?

Please check your spam folder if the confirmation email is not found in your inbox. If you still cannot find it, please try to log in with your username and password and click one "Resend confirmation email"

How can I upgrade to an Enterprise account?

Please contact us using the "get in touch" button and filling the form that pops up. Once we receive your request, our sales team will get in touch with you.

Why is the pricing for the Enterprise accounts not displayed on the website?

Enterprise accounts are completely customised according to the client's requirements. Hence, the pricing will be on a case-to-case basis.

My account may have been compromised?

Please reset your password using the "Forgot Password" link in the Sign In page and follow the instructions. To avoid such occurences, please do not divulge your password to anyone.

I cannot sign into my SemanticDocs account. What's wrong?

Please check your username and password again. Also, check if the Caps Lock is on/off.

Why was my account deactivated/blocked?

Your SemanticDocs account will be deactivated/blocked only under extenuating circumstances. For further details, please contact our customer service team.

Your SemanticDocs Workspace

What are the minimum system requirements to use SemanticDocs?

A working Internet connection, a PC with a web browser and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

How can I upload files on to my SemanticDocs Workspace?

Once logged in, click on the Upload button on the top left portion of the page

I just uploaded a file to my Workspace but I cannot see it. What's wrong?

If it is a large file, please wait till the upload is complete. If complete, please refresh your page to view your file

An error message appears when I try to upload a file . What's wrong?

Owing to security reasons, SemanticDocs supports every filetype except ".exe". If you are trying to upload a valid filetype, please check the size of the file since it may be larger than amount of space left in your workspace.

I need to upload several files and need them organised. How can I do that?

Our suggestion is to create a folder within your SemanticDocs workspace and then upload the files directly on to the folder.

Can I upload files to a specific folder directly?

Yes you can. First, create the folder and open it. Any files uploaded from then will go straight to the folder

How can I access my file(s)?

Most MS Office, PDF, Image, Audio and Video files can be accessed and previewed within your SemanticDocs workspace. If they cannot be opened in your Workspace, you can always download them and access them offline

Can I edit my file(s) on SemanticDocs?

File editing is available currently only for Professional customers.

What are the types of files I can upload on SemanticDocs?

You can upload any file type on to your SemanticDocs Workspace except ".exe" files (due to security reasons)

How secure are my files on SemanticDocs?

Your files are scanned for virus during the upload process, which by itself is a secure process using three layers protection to prevent unauthorised access.

It is taking forever to load my Workspace

Please check your Internet connection and also check if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. If problem persists, please contact our customer service team.

I've uploaded many files on my Workspace. How can I locate a particular file?

Please use the search box on the top right hand portion of the page to search for a particular file or use the Advanced Search, if needed.

I want to share my file with my colleague(s). What are my options?

Free users can email their files or post them to social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin while Professional customers can also fax their documents to anyone in the world.

I've uploaded my files to the wrong folder

Of course, you can

Can I use SemanticDocs offline?

Unfortunately, SemanticDocs is an online tool and you need a working Internet connection.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts within my Workspace?

Common keyboard shortcuts can be used. For example, you can cut, copy, paste, delete and use directional arrow buttons.

Do more with SemanticDocs

Why can't I watermark my image?

Watermarking is supported for PDF documents only. However, you can convert the image to PDF and then watermark it.

How does the text summarizer work?

Text summarizer Alpha Cloud's proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm to analyse individual keywords and determine frequently occurring words and come up with the most imports

Can I search within my documents?

Yes, you can.

What mobile devices does SemanticDocs support?

Currently, we are developing dedicated apps for Android and iOS to access SemanticDocs.

What kind of privacy settings does SemanticDocs provide for my documents?

You can Watermark, Password-protect or use the our e-Sign function to protect your PDF files for privacy.

How can I integrate my 3rd party business apps with SemanticDocs?

Please contact our support team to get more information on your specific integration needs.

How many pages can I split in a PDF file?

You can either split your PDF file into two parts or split into multiple equal parts.

How many PDF files can I merge together?

Currently, you can merge two different PDF files into one.